Blog Commenting To Drive Traffic

Every online business needs traffic and one of my favourite ways of generating it is by commenting on blogs…
Why is blog commenting to drive traffic so effective?
When you make a comment on someone’s blog you are demonstrating your knowledge to the readers of that blog. Start commenting on the right sort of blogs and you’re going to get seen by a LOT of people. Make the right sort of comments and you’re going to convert quite a few of those people into visitors to your website.
Getting started with blog commenting
Your first job is to find 5-10 blogs in your niche that INFLUENCE that area (or are where influencers hang out.) There’s no point in posting comments to blogs which have little traffic or only get posted to once or twice a year – you want to be targeting blogs which are well known in your niche area and which are active. You probably already know some good blogs to target (the ones you visit regularly yourself!)
Once you have found a good blog you can start commenting on posts:
The key to blog commenting is to demonstrate your knowledge in the comments you make. Never post things such as “great article” on hundreds of posts since it’s quite obvious that you’re only doing it to get your link seen. The best blog comments add to the conversation – so look for posts which you can add your own knowledge to. This could be by debating points in the original post or adding your own view or personal experience of what the post is about.
A good tip is to try to get your comment in early. That way you are going to get more exposure than if you were the 79th person to post a comment!
It also works the other way though – it can be worth commenting  on posts which already have lots of comments since it means it was a popular post and people will likely revisit that post for months or even years to come.

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