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How to Build a Blogging Empire

People blog about anything and many people make a lot of money from their blogs. In fact, there are a lot of people that have blog empires that earn them a very good full time income.
Choosing a Niche for Your Blogging Empire
By building multiple blogs around one niche can help to build up one main blog and help you to become an ‘expert’ in that niche. The first thing that you need to do is to choose a niche to build your empire around.
Go to and browse through the products to find a product that sells well and will be profitable. You might want to take a look at the competition as you don’t want too much competition to compete with. However, because you are building a blogging empire you are going to work hard on this empire and as such will be able to beat a lot of the competition.
Once you decide on a niche then do some research to see if you can find a sub-niche. For example, weight loss would be a niche and calorie shifting diets would be a sub-niche. Building your blogging empire around a sub-niche will have less competition than choosing a full niche.
Creating Your Main Blog
You want to do some keyword research and find a good keyword phrase that has a lot of searches and not too much competition. Once you find a good keyword phrase then register a domain name and try to have the keywords included in the domain.
This will be your main blog so you want to start by creating your blog and adding good quality content to it. Once your blog is up and running you will then need to promote your blog to drive traffic to it. You can promote your blog by doing article marketing and other backlinking methods.
Creating Your Other Blogs
Now you want to go back and do some more keyword research and find four or five long tail keyword phrases that relate to your main keyword. Using our calorie shifting example you might choose something like ‘lose weight with calorie shifting’ or ‘use calorie shifting to burn fat’.
With these keyword phrases you will probably have fewer searches per month than for the main keyword phrase and that is ok.
Now register domains for each of these keyword phrases. If you are struggling for money to register domains then use .info domain names which are not very expensive.
You need to create a blog on each of these domains and add content to them. Whenever you post to one of these domains include a link in the post pointing back to your main blog or to one of the other blogs.
Try not to have the same linking pattern each time as you want it to be a bit varied, but the main idea is to build up the backlinks to your main blog.
Your Blogging Empire
Now you have a small blogging empire all based around this one niche. If you can work on your blogs and promote them all you can really build up your main blog to rank very well for its main keyword. Then you can continue to work on each individual blog to try and rank well for each of the long tail keyword phrases that your blogs are built around.

Choosing the Perfect Niche for Your Blog

If you are considering starting a blog for the purpose of making money then the first question you will be asking yourself is what niche you should choose for your blog.
There are basically two options when choosing a niche and they are to decide whether you want a niche based purely on profitability or whether you want a niche based on something you are passionate about. In this article we will take a look at both options so you can then decide which road to take.
Option 1 – Choose a Niche That Is Profitable
If you want to take this option and choose a niche based on profitability, then you need to do your homework. Firstly, you need to find which niches are most profitable and one way to do this is to go to Clickbank and see which products are selling well.
Niches that tend to be popular and profitable are:
• Make money niche
• Weight loss niche
• Fitness niche
• Health related niches
• Relationship niches
These are just a few of the profitable niches and you will likely find many more. The one problem with profitable niches is that they are usually also the most competitive niches. So to do well in one of these niches you really need to do some good keyword research and find a keyword phrase that doesn’t have too much competition but one that still has a lot of searches per month.
Option 2 – Choose a Niche That You Are Passionate About
This option is much easier in choosing your niche because you already know what you are passionate about. However, if you want to make money from your blog then you need to do some research and see what monetization options are available for that niche.
With any niche you can always add some Google Adsense ads to your blog, so even if there are no products to promote as an affiliate you should still be able to make a little bit of money with Adsense.
To build a blog about something you are passionate about can include blogs about hobbies, sports, fitness, children, health or many more. The list is endless to what topic you can blog about and I’m sure there is something in your life that you are passionate about.
The advantage to blogging about a topic that you are passionate about is that it is much easier to write about something you love and you are likely to stay motivated longer and keep working on your blog long term.
You will also want to see how much demand there is for your niche and how many people search for it every month. If there aren’t many searches then you aren’t likely to make much money even with Adsense.
So unfortunately not all niches can be profitable niches but you will find that most are. If there are no digital products to promote in your chosen niche then look at physical products and sign up as an affiliate to companies like Amazon and Ebay.
Blogging is fun and creating a blog on a niche that you are passionate about will help you to enjoy blogging and have fun while you earn some extra money. But if you are more serious about a blogging business then choosing based on profitability is a good option. Then again, there is no reason why you can’t do both, you’re not limited to just one blog and the more blogs that you have the more income you can earn.

Five Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Blog

Setting up a blog is one thing but then you need to try and get visitors to find your blog. There are hundreds, even thousands, of blogs out there so how do you get your blog seen above all the others?

There are a few different options for driving traffic to a blog and here are my top five tips:

1. Ping your posts. Every time that you add a post to your blog you can ‘ping’ it and this lets the search engines know that you have just added a new post to your blog. The search engine spiders will then visit your site to check your new content and then index those pages. This will help your blog to show up in the search engines when someone searches for your keywords.

2. Social bookmarking. There are a lot of social bookmarking sites around now and these can be a great way to build backlinks to your site and also drive traffic to your site. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Technorati and more are a bloggers best friend for helping to promote your blog.

3. Comment on other blogs. Search the internet and find other blogs in your niche and leave comments on those blogs with a link back to your site. You should pick up some traffic direct from those blogs as well as build up the number of backlinks to your blog.

4. Join a forum. Most niches will have forums for people to join and interact with other people in that niche, so find a forum or two and sign up. Then you can add a link to your blog in your signature and every time that you make a post on the forum you will build another link back to your blog.

5. Do some article marketing. Article marketing is a great way to promote your blog and build backlinks. This is a very effective method for driving traffic and is used successfully by many Internet Marketers to build up their business.

These are five very simple ways to drive traffic to your blog and these are all completely free methods. So get started today and you will soon see many more visitors to your blog.

How to Build Backlinks to Your Blog

If you have created a blog you will want to build it up and get it to rank well in the search engines. One way to help your search engine ranking is to build backlinks to your blog. Search engines like Google see backlinks a little like a voting system, so when a site has a link that points to your blog, it’s like that site giving you a vote. So the more backlinks that you have pointing to your blog the more votes you get.

So how do you build these backlinks pointing to your blog? Let’s take a look at some backlinking methods:
1. My favourite method for building backlinks is with article marketing. You need to write an article relating to the topic of your blog and then submit that article to some article directories. If you write just one article a day and submit that article to ten article directories, then after one month you will have around 300 backlinks. Imagine how many you can build up if you write three or four articles a day to submit to directories!

2. The second method I like to use to build backlinks is blogging. That’s right, I use blogging to build backlinks to my blog. You can build a network of blogging sites using WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Tumblr and others and you can add posts to these blogs and each time you include a link pointing back to your main blog.

3. Blog commenting is another great way to build backlinks and this is done by visiting other people’s blogs and leaving comments. Search for blogs in your niche and one’s that allow you to leave a comment and include a link in your comment. If you are going to use blog commenting then you must leave good quality comments that contribute to the conversation of the post otherwise it will probably not be approved by the blog owner.

4. Social Bookmarking is the next method that I use for building backlinks. Not all social bookmarking sites will leave a backlink when you submit to them but many of them do. Some of the good social bookmarking sites include propeller, reddit, Misterwong, Oyax and others and these will give you a backlink every time you bookmark your blog with them.

5. Lastly, guest blogging is a great way for building good solid backlinks. Search for blogs relating to your niche and contact the blog owner and offer to write an article post for their blog. Let them know that you will write a guest post for them but would like to include a link back to your own site. This is beneficial for the blog owner as it is adding more content to their blog.
Building backlinks takes time but it is worth the effort when you start seeing your blog rise in the search engines and see an increase in visitors. So take the time to build those links and you will soon reap the rewards.

Why You Should Always Have Paid Hosting For Your Blog

There are a few free blog hosts around such as WordPress and Blogger and if you are just starting out with Internet Marketing and can’t afford to spend money then the free blog option is often the popular choice.
But there is one big problem with free blogging hosts and this problem is big enough that I would always recommend having a paid host for your blog.
With the free blogging hosts like WordPress and Blogger you need to agree to abide by their Terms of Service and if you violate them at all they can shut your blog down. There have been instances where people have had their blogs deleted without any warning and without knowing what they did to violate the Terms of Service.
Imagine starting a blog and adding new content to it on a regular basis. Perhaps you have had this blog for a couple of years and really worked hard on it and built it up to quite a big blog with lots of content. Not only that but you have also spent hours promoting your blog and building backlinks to it. This blog might even be a big income earner for you and maybe even be the blog that earns you all of your online income.
Then imagine signing onto the internet one day to find your blog gone!
I don’t know about you but I know that if this happened to me I would be devastated. Not only is all your hard work been flushed down the drain, so has your income source.
That is why I will only ever use paid hosting for all my blogs and I recommend that you do too. You can still use WordPress, after all it is very easy to set up and use, but as long as you use WordPress hosted on your own paid hosting service then you are safe.
There are a lot of different hosting companies around and it isn’t that expensive to have paid hosting. Companies like Hostgator cost just $9.95 a month and you can host unlimited domains for that price.
The other benefit with having a paid hosting service for your blog is that you choose your own domain name and you don’t have to have a free blogging service name as part of that name. You can have whatever name you like, as long as it is available to purchase.
This is another cost, but not an expensive one and it is just a yearly cost. Honestly, if you are going to put valuable time, thought and effort into a blog then do yourself a favour and pay for the domain and the hosting. Then install WordPress onto your domain and you are ready to go.

A domain and hosting is a small price to pay for the long term security of your blogging business.

Why Use a Business Blog

Business organizations who are already having a successful online presence may wonder why it is vitally important to have an online presence in spite of the current successes they are enjoying. Business blogs are crucial to ensure the successes they currently enjoy can be maintained and the customer base that is already formed will continue to expand and grow.

Blogs can be a meaningful addition to an already successful site and adds value that would not be possible without the use of a business blog.

Here are the top five reasons why a business blog is crucial for today’s online enterprise.

1. Personality
Sites that have a real person behind it will stand out in comparison with other sites that are static. People want security and having a real person behind those texts and graphics that is willing to respond to their queries and problems is certainly very assuring. Blogs lets your visitors post comments on those posts and you can respond to0 them, this creating a special kind of rapport that is not possible with a static website.

2. Updated Content
People want the latest information and news and love new updates that they can check in often. Blogs lets you have a great way to connect with your visitor and post relevant and fresh information that you can share with your visitors.

3. Search Engine Optimization
All webmasters know that 80% of the web traffic visitors come from search engines. This is the best way to drive targeted traffic to your site. People who are looking or specific products and services would use the search engines to look for it and so making a presence on these platforms is a fantastic way to drive targeted traffic to your site. Blog pages are indexed more easily then static pages and this is a great way to get on the search engine without too much hassle.

4. Traffic
It is easy to channel traffic to a blog rather than a static website. Blogs have the unique ping function, that would let you ping the search engines whenever a new post is made and thus get the search engine spiders running to your site. If the spot is new and fresh then your pages will get indexed by these spider programs and you stand a good chance of appearing on the search engines whenever a search is made for that keyword.

5. Maintenance
Blogs are very easy to maintain and internal links are automatically created as soon as the post is published. This is not possible in static HTML pages, where you have to manually link them together to create a logical sitemap. It takes time and effort and wastes too much time on the technical aspect when you should be focusing on the running of your business.

Business blogs are fast becoming an indispensable part of the online entrepreneurship and a concept embraced y many large organization such as Microsoft and the Sun Microsystems. If these Internet giants that has well-established names are using business blogs as part of their business strategy shouldn’t you be considering this as well?

How You Can Make Money with Your Blog

Blogs were first established as a method for people to record their life experiences, thoughts and feelings, either for their own benefit or to share with their friends and family.
Blogging became a good way to keep in touch with friends or relatives around the world and a place to exchange ideas with thousands of people worldwide about hobbies, games or sports. With a blog a person can share their information and also visit other people’s blogs to gain access to new information.
Blogging very quickly became extremely popular and as it did so then people started to wonder if there was a way to monetize this blogging revolution.
Now a few years down the track and there are thousands of people worldwide that make a steady income just by blogging. Writing about something you love and sharing your passion can earn you money!
So how can you monetize your blog?
1. Affiliate Programs – there are many affiliate programs where you can promote someone else’s product and earn a commission on every one that you sell. There are affiliate programs for digital products as well as physical products, so whatever niche you are passionate about I am sure you can find an affiliate product to suit.

2. Google Adsense – this program is a great way to earn a little money every time that someone clicks on an Adsense ad that is displayed on your blog. Once you have signed up for an Adsense account it is as simple as putting the code onto your blog and then each time someone clicks on an ad you are paid a certain amount. Although the amounts are small for each click, if your blog has a lot of visitors these small amounts can add up quite nicely.

3. EBay – the world’s number one auction site and you can earn money as an affiliate. If you sign up to the EBay Partner Network program you can then advertise products sold on EBay on your blog. You then earn a commission for every product sold plus you can earn a bonus commission for each person that signs up for a new EBay account through your link.

4. Amazon – again you can sign up to Amazon and receive a commission on anything that is sold through the link on your blog. Even if the customer doesn’t buy the actual product that you are promoting, if they buy something else you will still earn a commission. Amazon is a very popular shopping website and you can make quite a lot of sales through their affiliate program.

5. Sell your own product – whether you have physical products that you can sell or whether you create your own digital product, you will keep 100% of the revenue when you sell your own products. Creating your own digital product means that there is no stock involved and sales can be very profitable.
These are five great ways that you can earn money from your blog so if you are blogging then why not take advantage of some of these programs to earn a little extra money. Who knows, you might even join the thousands of people earning a full time income from their blog.

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