Getting free traffic to your blog

Every online business needs traffic – and the chances are you don’t have unlimited amounts of money to spend on marketing and advertising. What you need is some good free traffic methods:
Free Traffic from Article marketing
I guess you’re not surprised to see this here, but don’t ignore it. Writing articles to get traffic is not easy but do it well and you can achieve some great results.
Free Traffic from Your Blog
If you don’t already have a blog then create one! Blogs are a great source of traffic – they rank very well in the search engines and if you post good content to your blog regularly it will also keep people coming back and you’ll build a relationship with them.
Free Traffic from Viral Report Marketing
Create a report, give it away for free and encourage people to pass it on and sell it. The beauty of viral marketing is that it gains momentum – as your free report gets passed around more and more people will see your links, without you having to do anything further. Produce something which is popular and it will generate you free traffic for literally years to come.
Free Traffic from Signature Links
When you send an email or post a message on a forum you can include a signature link back to your website. Because you’re most likely doing this every day the amount of traffic you generate can quickly build.
Free Traffic from Blog Commenting
Finding other peoples related blogs and then making comments on their posts is a great way of getting free traffic. Just be sure to make your comments interesting and relevant – not just “great post” with a link back to your site.
Free Traffic from Your Mailing List
This is perhaps the ultimate free traffic method. Once you’ve built a decent sized mailing list of targeted subscribers you can blast emails to them and get an instant flow of hits to your site.

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