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How to Build a Blogging Empire

People blog about anything and many people make a lot of money from their blogs. In fact, there are a lot of people that have blog empires that earn them a very good full time income.
Choosing a Niche for Your Blogging Empire
By building multiple blogs around one niche can help to build up one main blog and help you to become an ‘expert’ in that niche. The first thing that you need to do is to choose a niche to build your empire around.
Go to Clickbank.com and browse through the products to find a product that sells well and will be profitable. You might want to take a look at the competition as you don’t want too much competition to compete with. However, because you are building a blogging empire you are going to work hard on this empire and as such will be able to beat a lot of the competition.
Once you decide on a niche then do some research to see if you can find a sub-niche. For example, weight loss would be a niche and calorie shifting diets would be a sub-niche. Building your blogging empire around a sub-niche will have less competition than choosing a full niche.
Creating Your Main Blog
You want to do some keyword research and find a good keyword phrase that has a lot of searches and not too much competition. Once you find a good keyword phrase then register a domain name and try to have the keywords included in the domain.
This will be your main blog so you want to start by creating your blog and adding good quality content to it. Once your blog is up and running you will then need to promote your blog to drive traffic to it. You can promote your blog by doing article marketing and other backlinking methods.
Creating Your Other Blogs
Now you want to go back and do some more keyword research and find four or five long tail keyword phrases that relate to your main keyword. Using our calorie shifting example you might choose something like ‘lose weight with calorie shifting’ or ‘use calorie shifting to burn fat’.
With these keyword phrases you will probably have fewer searches per month than for the main keyword phrase and that is ok.
Now register domains for each of these keyword phrases. If you are struggling for money to register domains then use .info domain names which are not very expensive.
You need to create a blog on each of these domains and add content to them. Whenever you post to one of these domains include a link in the post pointing back to your main blog or to one of the other blogs.
Try not to have the same linking pattern each time as you want it to be a bit varied, but the main idea is to build up the backlinks to your main blog.
Your Blogging Empire
Now you have a small blogging empire all based around this one niche. If you can work on your blogs and promote them all you can really build up your main blog to rank very well for its main keyword. Then you can continue to work on each individual blog to try and rank well for each of the long tail keyword phrases that your blogs are built around.