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How to Build Backlinks to Your Blog

If you have created a blog you will want to build it up and get it to rank well in the search engines. One way to help your search engine ranking is to build backlinks to your blog. Search engines like Google see backlinks a little like a voting system, so when a site has a link that points to your blog, it’s like that site giving you a vote. So the more backlinks that you have pointing to your blog the more votes you get.

So how do you build these backlinks pointing to your blog? Let’s take a look at some backlinking methods:
1. My favourite method for building backlinks is with article marketing. You need to write an article relating to the topic of your blog and then submit that article to some article directories. If you write just one article a day and submit that article to ten article directories, then after one month you will have around 300 backlinks. Imagine how many you can build up if you write three or four articles a day to submit to directories!

2. The second method I like to use to build backlinks is blogging. That’s right, I use blogging to build backlinks to my blog. You can build a network of blogging sites using WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Tumblr and others and you can add posts to these blogs and each time you include a link pointing back to your main blog.

3. Blog commenting is another great way to build backlinks and this is done by visiting other people’s blogs and leaving comments. Search for blogs in your niche and one’s that allow you to leave a comment and include a link in your comment. If you are going to use blog commenting then you must leave good quality comments that contribute to the conversation of the post otherwise it will probably not be approved by the blog owner.

4. Social Bookmarking is the next method that I use for building backlinks. Not all social bookmarking sites will leave a backlink when you submit to them but many of them do. Some of the good social bookmarking sites include propeller, reddit, Misterwong, Oyax and others and these will give you a backlink every time you bookmark your blog with them.

5. Lastly, guest blogging is a great way for building good solid backlinks. Search for blogs relating to your niche and contact the blog owner and offer to write an article post for their blog. Let them know that you will write a guest post for them but would like to include a link back to your own site. This is beneficial for the blog owner as it is adding more content to their blog.
Building backlinks takes time but it is worth the effort when you start seeing your blog rise in the search engines and see an increase in visitors. So take the time to build those links and you will soon reap the rewards.