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How You Can Make Money with Your Blog

Blogs were first established as a method for people to record their life experiences, thoughts and feelings, either for their own benefit or to share with their friends and family.
Blogging became a good way to keep in touch with friends or relatives around the world and a place to exchange ideas with thousands of people worldwide about hobbies, games or sports. With a blog a person can share their information and also visit other people’s blogs to gain access to new information.
Blogging very quickly became extremely popular and as it did so then people started to wonder if there was a way to monetize this blogging revolution.
Now a few years down the track and there are thousands of people worldwide that make a steady income just by blogging. Writing about something you love and sharing your passion can earn you money!
So how can you monetize your blog?
1. Affiliate Programs – there are many affiliate programs where you can promote someone else’s product and earn a commission on every one that you sell. There are affiliate programs for digital products as well as physical products, so whatever niche you are passionate about I am sure you can find an affiliate product to suit.

2. Google Adsense – this program is a great way to earn a little money every time that someone clicks on an Adsense ad that is displayed on your blog. Once you have signed up for an Adsense account it is as simple as putting the code onto your blog and then each time someone clicks on an ad you are paid a certain amount. Although the amounts are small for each click, if your blog has a lot of visitors these small amounts can add up quite nicely.

3. EBay – the world’s number one auction site and you can earn money as an affiliate. If you sign up to the EBay Partner Network program you can then advertise products sold on EBay on your blog. You then earn a commission for every product sold plus you can earn a bonus commission for each person that signs up for a new EBay account through your link.

4. Amazon – again you can sign up to Amazon and receive a commission on anything that is sold through the link on your blog. Even if the customer doesn’t buy the actual product that you are promoting, if they buy something else you will still earn a commission. Amazon is a very popular shopping website and you can make quite a lot of sales through their affiliate program.

5. Sell your own product – whether you have physical products that you can sell or whether you create your own digital product, you will keep 100% of the revenue when you sell your own products. Creating your own digital product means that there is no stock involved and sales can be very profitable.
These are five great ways that you can earn money from your blog so if you are blogging then why not take advantage of some of these programs to earn a little extra money. Who knows, you might even join the thousands of people earning a full time income from their blog.