The Importance of Scrapbook Journaling

One of the most important aspects of scrapbooking is journaling. For new scrappers, journaling is the part of your book that is the written material on the page. You might know what each picture represents, but those who read through your scrapbook don’t and words help to enhance the pictures. The information you put down can be as simple as listing the names of people in the photos or writing down a date and place where the picture was taken. You can also go into great detail and include the whole story behind the picture for even better lasting memories.

One of the best ways to ensure that your journaling is accurate and heart felt is to keep an actual journal as part of your scrapbooking supplies. When you have an event that you take some pictures of, jot down in the journal what is happening and how you are feeling. That way, even if it is months (or even years) later when you come to scrapbook those photographs, you will be able to look back and remember exactly why that photograph was taken, and what it meant to you at the time. This journal does not have to be fancy or detailed, just a place where you can jot down a few thoughts when something interesting or funny occurs.

Journaling in your scrapbook should be heartfelt. Make sure that you record how you are feeling about a person or place on the page. This is especially important when you are scrapbooking family. You want your children to be able to look at your scrapbook and know exactly how important they are to you.

Poems make interesting additions to your journaling. You might be thinking, “I cannot write a poem!” That is fine! Purchase a few small books with witty poems and quotes, and borrow from those. Find a verse that matches what you are feeling, and jot it down on your page. It does not have to be your own actual wording to make the statement you desire to share.

When you think about it, nobody writes anything by hand anymore. Although composing your journal entries on the computer gives your scrapbook a sharp, clean look, writing your entries by hand can add a certain charm you won’t get from your computer. You might want to use a printed banner for a title on the page and make your other notations by hand. If you do choose to create a page with computer-generated text, keep your fonts consistent, as mixing up fonts can be distracting to the reader.

Journaling is a way to preserve the story of your family for future generations. While it can be frustrating at times for the scrapbooker, do not overlook its importance. You might be tempted to skip a journal on a particular page because you are certain that you will not forget the significance behind those pictures. But stop and think about the picture you took ten or twenty years ago. Do you honestly remember everything that was going on that made those pictures so special? Chances are you do not. Record your thoughts and feelings while they are fresh, and the journaling will keep your scrapbook and pictures fresh and lively for years to come.

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The Importance of Scrapbook Journaling

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