Three Things You Must Know About Blog Marketing

Blog marketing is a simple concept but one that many internet marketers do not fully utilize. So many people seem to believe that a person can simply start a free blog about their interests (or their niche), type a few paragraphs a month and wait for their bank balance to grow like a tree. Unfortunately, this is not the way the real world of blogging works. As with anything worthwhile, creating and maintaining a blog effectively does take some work. Here are the top 3 things that every marketer must remember about making money using blog marketing:

  1. Content is king: The idea that you can simply throw previously used or PLR spun content onto a blog and expect great results is wrong. Google knows when something is considered to be unique content. Therefore, the more unique your content is (and the more related it is to your niche), the better rankings you can expect.
  2. Consistency rules: If you create a blog, post one entry and then sit back in your recliner, you are not going to be cashing any big checks soon. You simply must do the work to keep your blog updated on a regular basis. You have to give that fresh content that Google loves on a regular basis.
  3. List Building: With most blogs, your goal is to create a loyal following that will want to come back and read your information over and over again. By offering them something of value (an ebook, a short report, etc.), they will be more willing to provide their contact information. This gives you a steady revenue source since you will now be able to stay in touch and send them valuable offers in the future.

Blog marketing is big business these days, and it is certainly something that can be lucrative. As with anything, blogging is something that you must be consistent with and constantly work on tweaking. In the end, however, it can prove to be a great way to make an income!

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